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Sundust specializes in  financing and operating commercial solar installations

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We help companies transition to CO2-neutral energy supply with solar power. We finance and operate photovoltaic systems at our customers' locations and deliver solar electricity at lower tariffs compared to conventional supply.


Photovoltaic systems are installed by the solar company of your choice or by one of our partners. Assuming the operational and financial risks, we offer a comprehensive solution with ecological and economic benefit.


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We help solar companies by offering financing solutions for commercial solar systems. Through our experience and track record in solar project development, we support you throughout the project development process: We know the technology, the market and the sales and installation process.

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Contracting / PPA

Do you have customers who do not want to finance solar installations? We provide financing and PPAs for solar installations you offer to your customers.

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Project financing

Do you operate your own solar installations? We offer long-term project financing for your installations and advise you on contracts and operations.

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Direct investment

Do you need additional funding for your company or solar projects? We offer direct investments in SPVs and solar installation companies. 

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By working closely with solar installation partners, applying detailed risk assessment criteria and building a diversified portfolio, we provide stable returns for investors with a long-term sustainability investment focus.

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Sundust specializes in financing commercial solar installations. We help companies, solar developers and architects develop solar projects by offering innovative long-term financing solutions. Our experience and track record in solar project development enables us to help our customers beyond financing: we usually support companies, real estate owners and solar installers with advice on contracts, risk assessment and operations.


Sundust was founded in 2017 with the goal to contribute to the development of ecologically sustainable energy generation. Pursuing this goal, we develop and manage a growing portfolio of commercial solar installations and project investments. 




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