Sundust specializes in developing, financing and operating ecologically sustainable energy infrastructure


Project Financing

We work with EPCs, specialized installers and project development companies to finance CO2-neutral and high-quality energy infrastructure.

Power Purchase Contracts

We operate CO2-neutral energy infrastructure at our customers' sites, delivering clean energy at lower tariffs compared to conventional supply.

Direct Investment

We invest directly in project development companies or CO2-neutral energy infrastructure assets operated by customers.

Electric Car


By building a diversified portfolio, selecting projects carefully and applying strict risk assessment criteria, we provide stable returns for investors with a long-term investment focus.

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Our goal is to contribute to the development of ecologically sustainable energy generation. Sundust was founded in 2017 and manages a growing portfolio of commercial solar installations and investments in renewable energy assets. In cooperation with project development and technology companies, we support the development and financing of CO2-neutral energy infrastructure. Through our experience and track record in the energy and finance sector, we offer innovative long-term project financing solutions.




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